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Feb 27, 2013 - 10:15 AM - by STdan

Welcome to, the premier Ford Fiesta ST Forum for Ford Fiesta ST Owners and Enthusiasts. Built for ST owners by ST owners. We aim to be a friendly, educational community dedicated to everything about the 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST. To take full advantage of the site, we ask that you please Register - It's quick and free! You can take advantage of some of our most popular features on the site which are linked below:

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Leaders Hillclimb Challenge - Ford Fiesta ST

Jun 28, 2015 - 5:39 AM - by ST2Focus

by Alisdairsuttie, June 24, 2015

Doune is Al Suttie's local hillclimb - no excuses this time!

The Doune Hillclimb is a great hillclimb for many reasons, not least because it's about a mile from my front door. That means it's a five-minute hop in the car rather than a five-hour schlep to most venues for the British Leaders Championship.

Another reason for eagerly anticipating this round of the Primo PLC Leaders Multi Car Hillclimb Challenge, other than a lie-in, was the car we had lined up: the Ford Fiesta ST with Mountune kit.

Ford's official figures say the 215hp Mountune version knocks off 0.2 seconds from the standard car's 6.9 second 0-62mph time. Driving the car on the road, it felt brisker even than that and served to make me and teammate David Finlay all the keener to get cracking up Doune's 1,350-metre course.

Some of that enthusiasm was dampened (ahem) by a very wet start to practice on Saturday morning. Still, I've been up Doune's course more than any other and know where to take it steady. On this occasion, that turned out to be everywhere as the Fiesta struggled for traction off the line and then slithered through every twist and turn.

With no limited-slip differential like the Vauxhall Corsa VXR we ran at Loton Park the week before, the Fiesta could have been a handful. However, nimble and benign handling allied to a much more linear power delivery than the VXR meant that the first greasy run up the hill was completed without incident.

A very conservative 64.53-second run was... [Read More]
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Barkís Bites: Fordís ST Octane Academy Should Be Rated at 100

Jun 13, 2015 - 12:23 PM - by ST2Focus

By Bark M. on June 11, 2015

Many car manufacturers will sell you a hot hatch. Only Ford will teach you how to drive one after you’ve bought it.

Thanks in part to the success of their Boss Track Attack program (of which your author is a proud graduate), Ford made the decision to offer a one-day track experience to anybody smart enough to buy either a Focus or Fiesta ST.

Since I had such a great time at the Boss Track Attack two years ago, there was no way I was going to pass up this opportunity to head back to Miller Motorsports Park and burn the brakes out of wring out one of their STs at one of the finest motorsports facilities in the world, especially if the track is as doomed as some say it is.

After arriving in Salt Lake City and checking in at the sumptuous Hotel Monaco in the city’s beautiful downtown, I took my rental Toyota Yaris hatchback out to Ken Block’s Hoonigan headquarters in Park City, Utah, where a buffet dinner awaited the ST Octane Academy participants.

I have a lot of things to say about Ken Block and DC Shoes, none of which are particularly nice, so I will just focus on the fact that I met some super cool guys at dinner.

Seated at my table were three young men who worked as engineers for Ford in Livonia, MI, and another young man from NYC who had to take a eighty-five dollar taxi from the airport to Park City because he was only twenty years old and wasn’t allowed to rent a car.

When I visited MMP for Boss Track Attack two years ago, I was the second youngest participant at 35 years old. At 37, I was among the oldest of the nineteen STOA participants.

This pleased me immensely to know there are still many, many so-called “millennials” that have a passion for not only owning such great cars, but also for learning how to drive them.

That being said, none of the other participants had any track experience, and only a couple had even autocrossed before.

We were strongly advised by the lovely young lady who was in charge that we should save the partying for the next night, because we needed to be at MMP no later than 7:45 a.m. the next day.

Also, for anybody who... [Read More]
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Romanian Gymkhana Celebrates the 400,000th EcoBoost Made in Romania

Jun 08, 2015 - 11:35 AM - by ST2Focus

by Mircea Panait, 8 June 2015

We normally associate Gymkhana with Ken Block. When Ken is in the driverís seat of his Ford Fiesta rally monster, Hoonicorn Mustang or fooling around with the 2016 Ford Focus RS, there will be lots of drifting and tire smoke at the end of his run. As expected, many people grew fond of the Ken Blockís way of Gymkhana-ing, even the racing drivers.

As Ford Motor Companyís Romanian arm celebrated the 400,000th locally built EcoBoost engine, the Ford people deemed necessary to celebrate the event with great pomp and circumstance - Gymkhana style... with an East European twist. For this, we have to cue Simone Tempestini, a 20-year-old rally driver that didnít even have a driverís license when he debuted in the Romanian Rally Championship (CNR).

Simone was 16 when he started playing in the dirt with the big boys. Inspired by his father Marco Tempestini, a rally driver himself, the Napoca Rally Teamís young gun can talk the talk and walk the walk as well. Heck, he won the Danube Delta Rally two days ago in his Ford Fiesta R5. He may be the junior of the team, but heís no junior in terms of talent. But Simone didnít go to the Ford Craiova to compete WRC style.

He was summoned only to have fun behind the steering wheel while scaring the life out of his guest co-pilot. Though the engine block of the R5 rally car is a 1.6-liter EcoBoost turbo similar to the one found in the Fiesta ST, many of the internals have been swapped for motorsport-spec components, including the blistering quick Sadev five-speed sequential transmission mated to front and rear diffs.

With these being said, weíll let the attached video do the talking for Simone and his hooning skills in and around Fordís Craiova plant. After all, a Gymkhana video is worth more than a thousand words. On an ending note, Ford is informing that Craiova-built EcoBoost #400,000 is the 125 HP three-banger. It will power a ... [Read More]
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PINKS: All Out Invites Us to Rockingham this July 4th

Apr 22, 2015 - 10:11 AM - by NickJ

Do you guys remember the "PINKS" TV show? The show where Rich Christensen would line up racers at a drag stip and they would race each other for pink slips. and then later, they did "PINKS: All Out" where racers would compete in brackets for cash prizes? The show ran on SPEED and also on FOX for a minute. It was canceled years ago, and the concept bounced around for a little while. Well, Rich has acquired the concept from FOX and is bringing it back!

The owner of Rockingham Dragway in North Carolina is going to open up his raceway for a July 4th celebration of raw power, shiny paint, and testosterone. The dragway will host the PINKS crew for a taping during the July 4th weekend.

Now, you might be asking why I am telling you about a television show that is taping in NC. Well, our little site here has been extended a personal invite from Rich and Brian Bossone. They have offered a 20% racer registration discount code when you sign up for the weekend. Simply add PAO in the checkout and you will receive the discount.

They are doing a grassroots promotion of this event as they don't have a large buget to get this thing off the ground. I think it is pretty cool that they are reaching out to the forum to go straight to the car enthusiast source.

This year is a TEST for future shows, and they need all the racer and fan support they can get. Support this event and maybe next season will be coming to track near you. They will be leaving room for group gathering areas or self run car shows at the show as well. It should be a great weekend for car enthusiasts!

I, for one, hope that they keep the show about racing and don't let it devolve into the drama-fest that the old show ended up being about.


ďThe fact that racers and fans still want PINKS is both an honor and extremely ...humbling,Ē Christensen said. ďTheir unwavering passion is the reason Iím bringing it back. Iím hoping PINKS Week at Rockingham will become the largest... [Read More]
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Can The Stock Ford Fiesta ST Keep up With a Fiesta ST Rally Car?

Apr 16, 2015 - 10:36 AM - by ST2Focus

by Tudor Rus, 16th April 2015

Although the Ford Fiesta ST is one of the most fun and adrenaline-generating hothatches out there, keeping up with a rally car is quite a tough job. But not impossible.

If you're into rally racing and developed a passion for WRC (World Rally Championship) racing in particular, there's a good chance you miss Colin McRae's flatout runs behind the wheel of his Ford Focus WRC rally car.

Add a pedigree for motorsport that sits well inserted in Ford's DNA, especially in their ST and RS models, and you'll understand why came up with a mad idea. So, what do you say about a friendly duel between a stock Ford Fiesta ST and Rally American's Ford Fiesta ST rally car?

So, we already know the Fiesta ST is well equipped for the urban jungle, and it can also send shivers down one's spine out in the open, especially on twisting roads. But what about a rally course? I mean, a real rally course, covered in snow and filled with tight corners and jumping... let's call them opportunities.

Things are pretty clear here: tarmac is the comfort zone for the Fiesta ST, but what about going beyond that limit? Well, that implies gravel and as mentioned above, a fair amount of snow. And while the Fiesta ST rally car is powered by the same engine pumping fun in the stock Fiesta ST, the racing version comes with a tuned suspension system and special tires.

Oh, I almost forgot. Automobile Magazine named the video "Destroy the Ford Fiesta ST!" which is very intriguing, but we'll let you see whether they were successful or not.

Can The Stock Ford Fiesta ST Keep up With a Fiesta ST Rally Car? - Video - autoevolution#
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2015 Ford Fiesta ST3 CP3 Performance Pack review

Mar 27, 2015 - 9:14 AM - by ST2Focus
Name:  ford-fiesta-cp-201.jpg
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Collins Performance has given the Fiesta ST 270bhp and 265lb ft, but has our favourite fast Ford been ruined in the process?

by Rory White, 26 March 2015

What is it?:

It's a chance for fans of the superb Ford Fiesta ST either to wince and shake their heads or sit up straight and take notice, depending on how they like their hot hatches.
We did the latter when Mountune announced it was hiking the ST's power from 180bhp to 212bhp back in 2013, and the results were good. For 2015, Collins Performance has somewhat raised the bar. You see, its ST, in this state, produces 270bhp and 265lb ft.

This actually represents the third and final tier of CP's ST upgrade packages. A new Mongoose exhaust, Airtec intercooler, ITG induction system, CPE turbocharger and revised ECU mapping are your rewards for choosing to laugh in the face of tiers one and two.

The cost for going this big? A full £2965, including fitting and a discount if you let CP keep your old turbo. Our car was also fitted with the firm's Dynamic Chassis upgrade, which swaps the ST's standard front wishbone and rear beam bushes for stiffer ones, and costs a further £440.

This sort of power from a 1.6 petrol is nothing new - see Peugeot's RCZ R - but that's a car that relies heavily on its limited-slip differential. So how does a similarly potent but slippy diff-less Fiesta ST get on?

What's it like?:

Noticeably more aggressive from the moment you press the Collins Performance-branded starter button and fire it into life. Our car's burbling single-box exhaust can be swapped for a quieter twin-box item for no extra cost, but if standing out is your thing, we'd keep things as they are here.

Pulling away reveals two things. Firstly, CP hasn't messed with the gearbox, which is a very good thing: it's as slick and positive as ever. Secondly, and less appealing, is the amount of vibration sent through the cabin by the exhaust as the car
... [Read More]
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