I'm thinking of buying a new car. These are my options:

  • Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 (with LSD option)
  • Subaru BRZ (automatic transmission)

I'm 1.84cm tall and around 122kg. Fat for these cars I know

I'll use it almost every day, mainly on low traffic areas, half nice village roads, half highway (autobahn.) (I make ~25000 km a year)
Cargo space and fuel consumption is important (... for my wife ... who rules the earth! )
I love karting and want a car that would give me some feelings like a go-kart does.
Winters are around 0 to -10 degree Celsius here, and it snows for a month or so, every year.
I'm not a fan of how FiST looks. I'm in love with Subaru BRZ. It gives me similar feelings when I look at a Ferrari 360 Modena. But I just want choose the one that I would have more fun while driving it.

It is impossible to have a test drive these cars in where I live. I haven't seen a Fiesta ST yet but sat inside BRZ. Its driving position was really nice, but I would want the steering wheel could be extended more, I like it closer.

I don't have much experience on RW cars, except karting. In driving simulations, I like to choose FW cars more; and drifting is not my thing. However I like making some donuts when it snows.

I will not modify the car. I want to use it the way it is designed.

Any thoughts are very appreciated.