Hi guys.... New to Ford so be kind.
First of all I hate this sync system but this isn't the reason for the change. I don't like the sound (tinny and distortion is massive)
So far everything is standard. I have an alpine ine-w970bt which worked really well in my golf gti. I have all wiring that came with it.
1. I'm only looking at changing the headunit so will this stop the top screen working?
2. There is the park pilot system installed so will this continue to work after the swap out.... Not a big deal as I can park but a nice feature and would like to keep it.
3. I have the volume and track selection on the left of the wheel but again I would like to keep this if possible.
There are many adaptions of kits available but all are too pricey to order the wrong thing.
Any help would be great.... Thanks in advance