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  1. Fiesta ST Performance
    Hello all!!! Ive got an interesting question, haven't been able to find the answer anywhere! I own a Mountune AP as i've upgraded to the Mountune MP215 kit, but I feel its time to step up again. Ive got two options really, spend big and go the new Mountune MR230, which is more than $2200 AUD...
  2. Fiesta ST Performance
    I've been searching online for a couple hours now about what the light in the center of the instrument panel as the 'A' with the circle around it. It's been bugging me and I'm not going to be able to sleep until I figure it out. Thanks!
  3. COBB Tuning
    Hi Everyone, I just got an AP today and flashed the stage 1 93 map onto my otherwise stock FiST. With the stage 1 map the car actually felt a little slower than stock, I thought this was weird because I'd heard that the gains were noticeable even on a stock car. So I switched to the stage 1...
  4. Fiesta ST Performance
    Hello everyone! Our journey with the Fiesta ST has started and we'd like to keep you all in the loop as to what we've learned along the way. We'll be posting up every so often with pictures and technical information. We are just starting to piece together what will be a long list of...
1-4 of 4 Results