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  1. Fiesta ST Discussions
    I installed a Symposer delete today, and I thought I did everything right, but I started to leak oil. Would that be a boost leak or is it possible I didn’t install the cap on the hose properly to seal it off? Anyone else have this problem?
  2. Fiesta ST Maintenance
    I've noticed a issue recently after swapping from a catless DP to my catted one for inspection. When idling, I'll see the RPM dip to around 600-700 or so, and it is always accompanied by the smell of gas or exhaust. I used to only see this after filling up, but now it is just happening...
  3. Fiesta ST Performance
    My 2014 ST has a cobra 3” cat back no res system Airtec stage 2 induction Turbo smart recirc valve Vudu symposer delete im pretty sure my st isn’t boosting right as I’m getting 7psi on over boost in 4th and 5th and from 1st to 3rd I get 5 psi at a push I’m seeing people getting between...
  4. Fiesta ST Maintenance
    A few weeks back I noticed my 2015 Fiesta ST seemed slower than normal, it doesn't put me into the seat like it used to when accelerating hard. I suspect this may be a boost leak or similar issue so I took the car into my local dealer Kings Ford. They said they couldn't find anything wrong but...
1-4 of 4 Results