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  1. EBC Brakes
    To see EBC’s pad & disc/rotor recommendations, just let us know what & how you drive, then leave the rest to us. The below link will take you to our interactive Brake Selector Tool, where basic questions on your car or motorcycle and driving style will determine the best recommendation for you...
  2. EBC Brakes
    Premium Fiesta race series will continue using EBC’s Apollo Big Brake Kits EBC Brakes Racing is pleased to announce it will continue to supply the regulation braking systems for cars competing in the BRSCC AIRTEC Motorsport Fiesta Championship throughout the 2022 season (within the Mk7...
  3. EBC Brakes
    So, here at EBC Brakes We like to offer a free set of pads each month to a randomly selected forum member. In past giveaways We have discussed our first cars, garage and storage spaces, famous people we have met or would like to have met and weird and wonderful vehicles amongst other topics...
  4. Fiesta ST Brakes
    Good day everyone, I am new in the group and in the performance tuning environment; I own a Fiesta ST MK 7 and have noticed that the OEM brakes do not stand constant harsh conditions of braking in the track or turning roads, as they get hot and start to lose effectiveness, hence my intention to...
  5. Fiesta ST DIY
    Hey everyone, I figured I'd get my first post out of the way and ask if anyone knows the exact process to change the brake pads on a FiST. I understand the principals of changing pads but have never done it myself and figured now would be a good time to start. Thanks for any help or pointers!
  6. Fiesta ST Photos/Videos
    I took my bone-stock FiST to a very well-run SCCA double-PDX last weekend on the main circuit at Summit Point in West Virginia. This is video compiled from gopro footage from all TEN 20-minute sessions. Near the end is a fun montage of me starting the videos. I hope you like! Chicane summed...
1-6 of 7 Results