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  1. 2015 FiST hard to shift into gear

    Fiesta ST Maintenance
    Hi guys this is my first time posting on here and hope that someone could help me out. I have a 2015 Fiesta ST with 40k miles and recently it became really hard to shift into gear. I was driving on the freeway and when I tried to downshift to get off my street I noticed it was really hard to get...
  2. Clutch Assist Spring Part Number?

    Fiesta ST Discussions
    Hello all, I got my Fiesta used and it came without the clutch spring and plastic carrier. At first I didn't really mind it at all but now I just feel like it's meant to be used with the spring (obviously). I feel like I'm riding the clutch because there's a lot of slack in the clutch pedal even...
  3. Today my clutch EXPLODED!

    Fiesta ST Discussions
    So today started off bad when I was driving to work and had my clutch explode! Nothing crazy I was driving in 4th gear with a hill coming up gave it a little gas and BOOM followed by no power to the wheels... Thankfully I was right next to my office and coasted into the parking lot. Called Ford...
  4. Light Clutch?

    Fiesta ST Maintenance
    My clutch pedal feels much lighter than when I first got the car. I was backing out of my driveway and nearly stalled while in reverse. Just let out he clutch too quick (I managed even to kick the clutch in fast enough to prevent the engine from shutting off.) Immediately after that I noticed...
  5. clutch problems

    Fiesta ST Discussions
    Hi, I have a new fiesta ST-2 which I bought from a main Ford dealer in January. Have now covered about 6500 miles in it and my clutch started slipping last week and then completely went last friday night. If i tried to put any power down then the revs would just fly up and the clutch started...