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  1. Fiesta ST Australia
    G'day Aussie Fiesta owners I have recently purchased a COBB FMIC, induction kit, cat back exhaust and downpipe based on advise from the seller that they are compatible but will require tuning via something other the an Accessport. I have already installed the FMIC and cat back exhaust and am...
  2. Fiesta ST Maintenance
    I have installed the Cobb motor mount and love it! However for purposes of competing in Auto-X, the Cobb mount is the only thing I have that bumps up the class. I still have the OEM mount sitting around and was contemplating reinstalling it just for events. The Cobb mount reuses the mounting...
  3. Sold Sold Sold
    COBB rear motor mount, $100 + shipping. Just pulled it off the car today; was on for about 2,000 miles. I'm in 98443.
  4. Fiesta ST Suspension
    I was just checking to see if anyone have tryed the cobb sway bars? Let me know all that you like about it or maybe a better alternative even.
  5. Fiesta ST Performance
    Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone has tryed the New Cobb air intake yet? Ive been waiting for it to come out and now id like to hear what people love about it!;)
  6. COBB Tuning
    Hi Everyone, I just got an AP today and flashed the stage 1 93 map onto my otherwise stock FiST. With the stage 1 map the car actually felt a little slower than stock, I thought this was weird because I'd heard that the gains were noticeable even on a stock car. So I switched to the stage 1...
  7. Fiesta ST Performance
    In honor of Merica, I just installed the Cobb rear motor mount. It took longer to find a good position for the jack under the car than the actual install. All in all about 15 minutes total. SUPER easy! The mount made a huge difference in how the car launches and feels during shifts. No more...
  8. Fiesta ST Performance
    So the first thing I did when I got to work was run inside, grab my only windows computer I have (work laptop) and uninstall AP and update firmware, grab new maps and re install AP. I idled for 4 minutes and turned the car off. I went to lunch and took the fiesta for a spin and had my friend...
  9. COBB Tuning
    i have a fiesta st and located in Southern California. My car is available for prototype/Product testing for any of your products.
  10. Fiesta ST Performance
    NEW ADVANCED ENGINE MONITORS: We’ve added a slew of new data monitors for those pushing the envelope of performance with the Fiesta ST. Monitors such as Start of Injection, the injected amount of Fuel Mass, and Maximum Injection Angle are a small sample of what has been added. These new monitors...
  11. Fiesta ST Performance
    Hello everyone! Our journey with the Fiesta ST has started and we'd like to keep you all in the loop as to what we've learned along the way. We'll be posting up every so often with pictures and technical information. We are just starting to piece together what will be a long list of...
1-11 of 11 Results