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  1. Fiesta ST DIY
    Our latest DIY Video tutorial is up! – Light Smoke Headlight Protection Kit DIY Install – Ford Fiesta ST This was shot last week (on the coldest day of the season thus far - in the 20's in the AM..) The car does have imported European headlights and the customer wanted both the lightly...
  2. Fiesta ST DIY
    Hi All, Following the fairly well known ODBII vulnerability on Fords, I thought I'd do something to make a thief's life a little harder with my ST. As background, you might want to watch this: Viper Car Alarms | Stolen ford focus RS & ST Fiesta RS & ST Key cloning OBD port immobiliser Car Alarms...
  3. Fiesta ST DIY
    Hey everyone, I figured I'd get my first post out of the way and ask if anyone knows the exact process to change the brake pads on a FiST. I understand the principals of changing pads but have never done it myself and figured now would be a good time to start. Thanks for any help or pointers!
  4. Fiesta ST DIY
    I am working on a FMIC install and have ordered the following parts. I will keep the thread up to date as things progress. Mishimoto J-Line FMIC in black: ATP Turbo Hardpipe (hot side): High Flow Replacement Charge Air Pipe...
1-4 of 4 Results