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  1. Fiesta ST Discussions
    Hey all! My first post here, I have a 15 FiST. It came with the 3” MBRP Cat Back with the single muffler in the middle and its too droney for me. I love the aggression I get out of it but when I have a passenger it is too much to enjoy a conversation on the highway. So far I have considered...
  2. Fiesta ST Maintenance
    I've noticed a issue recently after swapping from a catless DP to my catted one for inspection. When idling, I'll see the RPM dip to around 600-700 or so, and it is always accompanied by the smell of gas or exhaust. I used to only see this after filling up, but now it is just happening...
  3. Fiesta ST Photos/Videos
    MRT Performance Rally Sport Exhaust System! Photos will be uploaded later on under the car view, I must say this is the most aggressive exhaust setup I have heard on a FiST ! I am obsessed with it, I jumped from a longtubed 96' cobra to a fiesta and honestly this MRT product made my FiST...
  4. Fiesta ST Electronics
    Has anyone ran a catless downpipe yet? I'm planning on ordering a catless downpipe from milltek, but cobb's stage two and three map require either stock or a high flow cat. I am aware of e-tunes, but hear mixed things about them. :confused::confused::confused: As of right now, I am running the...
  5. Fiesta ST Performance
    Has anybody tried the Ford Racing Cat-Back Exhaust System? It is part number M5200-FAST and retails for $995.00. CJPonyParts has it for $850.00. How does it sound? Much louder? Can it be compared to any other aftermarket systems? Ford Racing M-5200-FAST Fiesta ST Cat-Back Exhaust System 2014
1-5 of 5 Results