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  1. Fiesta ST Discussions
    I have the opportunity to buy a Focus RS turbo and I know that with the FoST that the turbo will not directly bolt on but does anyone have any experience looking at both and comparing the two? Or has anyone tried to swap the turbos? I am asking because I want to get more power out of my car...
  2. Fiesta ST Discussions
    Hi guys any help would be appreciated. A couple of weeks ago somebody hit my car luckily the damage wasn’t bad. I’m only missing a piece of trim which fell off I just can’t seem to find a new one anywhere. I’ve attached a picture of the trim which is missing.
  3. Fiesta ST Builds
    Hey ladies and gents, I got my 2018 FiST about 5 months ago. Someone at the barracks decided to back into my front bumper and cause the plastic to crack and split. I was wondering if anyone on here has installed the RS style bumper and if so, were there any complications?
  4. 20190922_184222.jpg

    7/9/2019 I bought a new fiesta ST
  5. 20190624_103023.jpg

    My first modification was the replacement of exhaust hangers with Powerflex polyurethane ones. The exhaust just banged on the rear suspension beam after replacing the problem disappeared.
  6. 20190710_121655.jpg

    Then I decided to change the intercooler to a more efficient R-Sport company
  7. 20190507_111224.jpg

    27.04.2019 I bought my dream car Fieste ST1 2013
  8. 20190507_111231.jpg

    Fiesta has already had a few modifications: -35mm H&R springs changed -Made to order Sports exhaust from stainless steel - 17 inch OZ Racing Superturismo GT rims - K&N sports air insert Nice base for further modifications
  9. Fiesta ST Discussions
    So I just bought my 2019 fiesta st well she has 3,000 miles on her now and I think third gear Synchro is gone... when you shift in to third at a high rpm it will grind third but no other gears...will be taking it to ford next week to have them look at it extremely disappointed with the car now..
  10. Australian Marketplace
    Willing to sell for the right price (in no rush) - In the market for an RS >>>>2015 Fiesta ST – Frozen White<<<< Just under 21,000km's Custom Red/White Number Plate: 15FIST Peron High Flow Intake Turbosmart BOV Kompact Shortie Dual Port Turbosmart Boost Gauge COBB REAR MOTOR MOUNT OEM...
  11. Fiesta ST Performance
    I bought it from a dealership at 32,000 miles. I’ve put 2,000 miles on it in about 2 months. I’ve noticed some weird issues with the car. I’ve driven a mustang ecoboost manual and focus st manual, and never had these issues before. 1st issue: when at a stop at leveled ground, let off clutch...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys, Not new to the car but new the forum! I just breached 18,000 miles in the car! Magnetic Gray (@MagneticFiesta) on Instagram - Also (@St.Fans) on Instagram About Me: 19 Years Old First New Car - Purchased with 18 Miles on it Previously owned a 1996 Cobra College Athete Business...
  13. Fiesta ST Photos/Videos
    Check out how my modified 2015 Fiesta ST is holding up after 2 years of ownership! Photo albums; Autocrossing: Modifications: The ST sure cleans up nicely by Bryan Redeker, on Flickr
  14. Fiesta ST Discussions
    So today started off bad when I was driving to work and had my clutch explode! Nothing crazy I was driving in 4th gear with a hill coming up gave it a little gas and BOOM followed by no power to the wheels... Thankfully I was right next to my office and coasted into the parking lot. Called Ford...
  15. Sold Sold Sold
    Hey, I've got a Cobb V3 Accessport unmarried from my Fiesta ST I just traded this past weekend for an Ecoboost Mustang. It's mostly complete sans the boxes, manual, and the ball mount for the dash. Asking $380 shipped. (due to lack of boxes/ball mount and the few small chips in the grey faceplate).
  16. Fiesta ST Discussions
    Hi, Here is my Fiesta ST review. I was actually driving FR-S (Toyota 86) before. Also, I have a question about steering feel. -Sitting position FRS: Low and hugging more ST: High and not hugging but comfy -Stick Shift FRS: Short and precise, kind of crunch ST: Long and precise -Clutch FRS...
  17. Fiesta ST Discussions
    I'm trying to find a Fiesta ST blueprint, in other words, a vector drawing of the outside of the car. I can't seem to find a decent one for free or for purchase. I found a couple of base Fiesta drawings and one ST, but it wasn't very good. Man, I know these cars are pretty niche, but still...
1-18 of 30 Results