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  1. Fiesta ST Builds
    Hey ladies and gents, I got my 2018 FiST about 5 months ago. Someone at the barracks decided to back into my front bumper and cause the plastic to crack and split. I was wondering if anyone on here has installed the RS style bumper and if so, were there any complications?
  2. Fiesta ST Photos/Videos
    So I did an autocross in my 2014 Fiesta ST the other day, my first in about 8 years, and had a lot of fun. Here is a video of one of my standard runs, with the camera mounted on the window. And then for my final run I let 3 hefty friends of mine join along for a ride and despite us totaling...
  3. Fiesta ST Builds
    Kenshin's Molten Orange Rocket (Euro with a touch of JDM yo!) G'day from sunny Melbourne Australia! I've had this pocket rocket from Essendon Ford since the start of January and its been nothing but an awesome drive to me! I'll start off with some pictures of it being stock as a rock. I'll...
  4. Fiesta ST Performance
    NEW ADVANCED ENGINE MONITORS: We’ve added a slew of new data monitors for those pushing the envelope of performance with the Fiesta ST. Monitors such as Start of Injection, the injected amount of Fuel Mass, and Maximum Injection Angle are a small sample of what has been added. These new monitors...
1-4 of 4 Results