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  1. COBB Compatability Questions

    Fiesta ST Australia
    G'day Aussie Fiesta owners I have recently purchased a COBB FMIC, induction kit, cat back exhaust and downpipe based on advise from the seller that they are compatible but will require tuning via something other the an Accessport. I have already installed the FMIC and cat back exhaust and am...
  2. Injen, K&N Intake options...

    Fiesta ST Performance
    Please forgive me if this has been asked before (I tried to search...unsuccessfully), but I'm looking at adding an intake to my '15 FiST and can get either of them for under $200 currently. I haven't seen anything on the K&N Intakes, and I'd lean towards the Injen, but am open to thoughts and...
  3. Anyone try new Cobb Intake yet?

    Fiesta ST Performance
    Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone has tryed the New Cobb air intake yet? Ive been waiting for it to come out and now id like to hear what people love about it!;)
  4. Injen intake, power loss.

    Fiesta ST Performance
    So I had the Injen Short Ram Intake fitted to my Fiesta ST yesterday, this one - Instant loss of power (my ass tells me 30bhp), doesn't feel to be boosting as much. Anyway, the weirdest thing happens, about 70...