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  1. cp-e™ ΔCore™ Front Mount Intercooler Release!

    Custom Performance Engineering
    We are excited to announce the release of our Front Mount Intercooler for the Fiesta ST! cp-e™ Fiesta ST Intercooler
  2. Now thats an intercool! Anyone got this puppy?

    Fiesta ST Performance
    hey just went to a local meet and was shown this this huge intercooler by dead hook motorsports . I got excited for it because its huge and not badly priced even thou im sure install is harder. Has anyone tried it out? i would love to hear how it does. Dead Hook Motorsports Race Tube Front and...
  3. FMIC DIY (Potential Future Sticky) - <450 dollars

    Fiesta ST DIY
    I am working on a FMIC install and have ordered the following parts. I will keep the thread up to date as things progress. Mishimoto J-Line FMIC in black: ATP Turbo Hardpipe (hot side): High Flow Replacement Charge Air Pipe...