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  1. (SOLD) Diode Dynamic LUXEON LED Fog Lamps w/ Yellow Overlays - Like New!

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    Hello, Selling my Diode Dynamic LUXEON LED fog lamps. These things are awesome, bright enough that you can drive with just the fog lights on if you wanted but I don't recommend it! Like new condition, I installed yellow Headlight Armor overlays on these before these went on my car. Were only...
  2. 6000K LED Headlights / 6000K LED Foglights

    Fiesta ST Appearance
    So, I've ordered these today: H11 LED Headlight Kit | H11 LED Upgrade H11 30W XenonDepot LED Fog Light Bulbs The company says they are for headlights and put out enough lumens to be better than halogens while having a strong beam pattern. They're not as bright as HIDs, which is good since I...
  3. Diode Dynamics LED Fog Lights with GT Yellow Headlight Armor Overlays

    Fiesta ST Appearance
    Hello, Purchased a set of Diode Dynamics Luxeon Type A LED fog lights from ModBargains. They arrived quickly and were safely packaged. I had previously purchased a set of GT Yellow fog light overlays from Headlight Armor and decided I would put them on. My car is not scheduled to...