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  1. Magnetic Fiesta ST - 2016

    Hey Guys, Not new to the car but new the forum! I just breached 18,000 miles in the car! Magnetic Gray (@MagneticFiesta) on Instagram - Also (@St.Fans) on Instagram About Me: 19 Years Old First New Car - Purchased with 18 Miles on it Previously owned a 1996 Cobra College Athete Business...
  2. Sold WRX for FiST

    Fiesta ST Discussions
    Hey guys I'm new to the Fiesta ST scene, I recently sold my 2016 Subaru WRX so I can get a down payment on a house. I wanted to get something fun and reasonable to drive, so I chose the Fiesta ST. I have always had a love for the car, because I have heard how much fun they are to drive. I...
  3. Gold Plug Magnetic Drain Plug . . . and it collected metal filings

    Fiesta ST Discussions
    I changed the oil on my new 2014 FiST at about 2200 miles, and installed a Gold Plug magnetic oil drain plug (model AP-08) I purchased on Amazon. I changed my oil again at 5,000 miles and found quite a bit of ferrous metal flakes attached to the magnet. Anybody else see this happening to their...
  4. Transmission Oil Pan Magnet Plug come on new FiST's?

    Fiesta ST Maintenance
    Do the 2014 FiST's come with a magnetic transmission oil pan magnetic drain plug? Because, the official Ford parts website notes a magnetic plug for it part number 7L027 for $18.33. I am going to change my transmission fluid for the first time at about 2000 miles. If it already has one I don't...