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  1. (SOLD) 2015 FiST - Oxford White/Orange Recaro's - 3,600 Miles - $20,500 - NY

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    Hello, Selling my 2015 Ford Fiesta ST. I special ordered it in November and took delivery in March (St. Patrick's Day). Currently has just over 5,200 miles on it. Will go up as it's my daily driver and I travel quite a bit. Excellent condition, I followed Pelotonracer2's break-in...
  2. Just Ordered a Creamsicle!

    Hello, Had been looking at the Fiesta ST for a while. Once I saw the refreshed 2015 Focus ST's I was convinced I wanted one in Magnetic Metallic. I even went as far as starting a thread on for Magnetic Metallic owners. lol After waiting a bit for orders to open for the...