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  1. What are the best brake kits for a daily driver with casual trackdays?

    Fiesta ST Brakes
    Good day everyone, I am new in the group and in the performance tuning environment; I own a Fiesta ST MK 7 and have noticed that the OEM brakes do not stand constant harsh conditions of braking in the track or turning roads, as they get hot and start to lose effectiveness, hence my intention to...
  2. Please help me decide which color to order!

    Fiesta ST Purchasing
    Ok guys and gals, I am placing my order this Friday for my ST. There's only one problem...I cannot decide on the color! I've narrowed it down to two. Race Red and Performance blue. Both are sweet colors. What do you all think? Thanks!
  3. Helicopter noise and vibration at speeds over 50 mph

    Fiesta ST Performance
    I just bought a 2014 Fiesta less than 48 hours ago. Today when driving with my friend on the highway at about 50 mph the car started to make a wind helicopter sound and you could actually feel the air pressure and vibration inside the car for several miles. We had the air conditioning on. The...
  4. Fiesta ST Rally Sport Exhuast by MRT

    Fiesta ST Photos/Videos
    Sounds bad to the bone IMO