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  1. Sold Sold Sold
    COBB rear motor mount, $100 + shipping. Just pulled it off the car today; was on for about 2,000 miles. I'm in 98443.
  2. Fiesta ST Maintenance
    hey just figured i let people know. just had to take my st in for a knock that sound like maybe suspension. after taking it to ford i found that the top motor mount had failed. luckilly because it wasn't after market (cobb rmm still running strong) it was covered under warranty. has anyone else...
  3. Breedt Product Design
    Hey guys, we have decided to do a group buy for our new Rear Motor Mount. The RMM's are normally $150, but we are offering 20% off until 9/28/14. Normally $150, Now $120 Specifics • Comes with 2 polyurethane bushings 40 and 60 durometer • Bushings are replaceable and exchangeable...
  4. Breedt Product Design
    Hey guys, here is the finalized design of the Breedt Fiesta ST Rear Motor Mount! We have come up with a Rear Motor Mount that reduces wheel hop, increases traction, enhances shifting feel, and, most importantly, gets the power down better all with still retaining near stock NVH. All Breedt...
  5. Breedt Product Design
    Hello everyone, we have been working furiously on developing quite a few parts for the Fiesta ST platform and our Rear Motor Mount is just about ready to be revealed. I should have photos and availability in the next few days. Thank you all for your patience once again.
1-5 of 5 Results