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  1. Fiesta ST Appearance
    Hey All, not sure if everybody already knew this, but you can reach out to different manufacturers and ask them to make you custom parts for the FiST. I didn't think they would, but was pleasantly surprised... lol I asked Chris at WC Lathe Werks make me a custom 5" piston hybrid shift knob...
  2. Fiesta ST DIY
    Anyone know where I can get a replacement reverse lockout spring? I just got my FiST today and it was Ford's auto show car and the OEM knob and lockout spring were stolen out of it. The dealership is going to reimburse me for whatever knob I get but I can't seem to find a replacement lockout...
  3. Breedt Product Design
    As many of you have seen, we current offer round style Shifter Knobs for the Fiesta ST. ----------> I wanted to share a few designs for a new shifter knob and get some feedback from you all. Option 1 Option...
1-3 of 3 Results