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  1. Fiesta ST Discussions
    So I just bought my 2019 fiesta st well she has 3,000 miles on her now and I think third gear Synchro is gone... when you shift in to third at a high rpm it will grind third but no other gears...will be taking it to ford next week to have them look at it extremely disappointed with the car now..
  2. Fiesta ST Discussions
    Hello, I own a silver 2014 FiST with 96000 miles on it I recently noticed a sound coming from my engine bay a month ago. I start the car and you hear this mechanical sound at idle, a kind of grinding rattle type sound. When I push in the clutch the sound goes away, but when I release the clutch...
  3. Fiesta ST Discussions
    Hello! I purchased my 2016 FiST around 15 months ago with 34.6K miles on it at the time, and have put mostly highway miles on it since then. I do drive it a bit aggressively at times, but no grinding of gears or missed shits and that's only from time to time. I've put over 30K miles on it...
  4. Fiesta ST Maintenance
    Hi guys this is my first time posting on here and hope that someone could help me out. I have a 2015 Fiesta ST with 40k miles and recently it became really hard to shift into gear. I was driving on the freeway and when I tried to downshift to get off my street I noticed it was really hard to get...
  5. Fiesta ST Performance
    I bought it from a dealership at 32,000 miles. I’ve put 2,000 miles on it in about 2 months. I’ve noticed some weird issues with the car. I’ve driven a mustang ecoboost manual and focus st manual, and never had these issues before. 1st issue: when at a stop at leveled ground, let off clutch...
  6. Fiesta ST Maintenance
    Do the 2014 FiST's come with a magnetic transmission oil pan magnetic drain plug? Because, the official Ford parts website notes a magnetic plug for it part number 7L027 for $18.33. I am going to change my transmission fluid for the first time at about 2000 miles. If it already has one I don't...
  7. Fiesta ST Discussions
    I am looking for the cheapest provider of XT-11-QDC (WSS-M2C200-D2) Motorcraft Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid for my 2014 ST. The cheapest I've found is $30 with free shipping off an Amazon link. When we need two quarts to do a change, $60 is a lot of money. Know of any place cheaper?
1-7 of 7 Results