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  1. Fiesta ST Performance
    hey just went to a local meet and was shown this this huge intercooler by dead hook motorsports . I got excited for it because its huge and not badly priced even thou im sure install is harder. Has anyone tried it out? i would love to hear how it does. Dead Hook Motorsports Race Tube Front and...
  2. Fiesta ST Performance
    In honor of Merica, I just installed the Cobb rear motor mount. It took longer to find a good position for the jack under the car than the actual install. All in all about 15 minutes total. SUPER easy! The mount made a huge difference in how the car launches and feels during shifts. No more...
  3. Fiesta ST Performance
    So I'm probably the most impatient person in the world, however I heard atp is developing a big turbo for the fiesta ST due for summer release. I guess my question is, does anyone else know of any other companies that are joining this program? How many big turbo kits can we expect to see? To...
1-3 of 3 Results