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  1. Wheels for sale

    Fiesta ST Wheels and Tires
    Stock wheels for sale. a little wear and tear but generally good condition. Anybody interested? Name a reasonable price and they are yours!
  2. painless switch to 15s

    Fiesta ST Wheels and Tires
    3 blow outs and a dented rim have me ready to switch to 15's and a taller sidewall. Too many potholes in DC to get wild without worrying about another blowout. I read previous posts related to 15's but all seem to discuss additional mods necessary to make them fit. I am a spirited daily driver...
  3. Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 17x7.5 +45 vs Team Dynamics 17x8 +48

    Fiesta ST Discussions
    Hi, I'm about to order a set of either of these wheels. I took the time to do some very careful measuring. The measurements are based on using 215/40/17 tires. The wheels in question: Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 17x7.5 +45 vs Team Dynamics 17x8 +48 The rears are no issue either way. It's the...
  4. Wheel Selection for Fiesta ST (a.k.a. the *one thing* I do not like about this car)

    Fiesta ST Wheels and Tires
    Like many on here, I intend to swap out the stock 17" wheels/tires for a smaller setup, once the stock tires are shot. I am already running 15" Sparco Pistas in the winter, but I'm thinking about a 16" setup for the warmer months. The problem, of course, is that the selection of 4x108...
  5. New Wheels! O.Z. superturismo LM

    Fiesta ST Wheels and Tires
    I'm excited because my new rims just came in :) Had to wait for Tirerack to ship them to Canada (Still cheaper than local shops) but they finally made it. O.Z. superturismo LM 17 x 7 +42 offset Matte graphite silver I'll post pictures when I get them on the car
  6. (SOLD) Rota Grid 16X7 40 offset Kumho 4X tires mounted

    Sold Sold Sold
  7. New Wheels coming soon for my 2014 U.S. ST

    Fiesta ST Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys will be getting new wheels for my ST provided by going with a 18x8.5 or possibly 18x9.5 depending on what would look best. WHEEL DUDE IS AWESOME. he mainly works with BRZ/FRS and WRX's but is looking to expand into the Ford ST campaign. Great group of guys over there they...
  8. Wheels / Tyres

    Fiesta ST Australia
    Thought i'd add this thread in to keep the other threads on topic and provide a repository for all things wheel related. Post up info/pics on what you have, what you like, prices and where to buy (preferably in AUS). I don't know about everyone else but I've been surfing Fiesta's (mainly PB)...
  9. Helicopter noise and vibration at speeds over 50 mph

    Fiesta ST Performance
    I just bought a 2014 Fiesta less than 48 hours ago. Today when driving with my friend on the highway at about 50 mph the car started to make a wind helicopter sound and you could actually feel the air pressure and vibration inside the car for several miles. We had the air conditioning on. The...