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  1. Fiesta ST Australia
    I painted one wheel about two weeks back and failed miserably, kept getting bubbles appearing and when I tried to fill them in with more paint it started running. It was all due to impatience, I didn’t leave enough time between coats, and each coat I made too heavy. When I took my time last...
  2. North Eastern Owners
    I had to get my fiesta serviced today and I saw something beautiful! If you live in Buffalo NY and you just bought your fiesta ST welcome. I saw your white ST and I gotta say it looks amazing. I'm sure you'll love your fist as much as I love mine. just wanted to say welcome!!!
  3. Fiesta ST Photos/Videos
    Hey Guys, just dipped my rims white with Protect Dip. Only reason I chose that product instead of Plasti Dip was because Crappy Tire didn't have white :( It was my first time doing this and took a hell of lot longer than what I expected lol. Oh and these pictures were taken after driving for a...
1-3 of 3 Results