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  1. Transmission Oil Pan Magnet Plug come on new FiST's?

    Fiesta ST Maintenance
    Do the 2014 FiST's come with a magnetic transmission oil pan magnetic drain plug? Because, the official Ford parts website notes a magnetic plug for it part number 7L027 for $18.33. I am going to change my transmission fluid for the first time at about 2000 miles. If it already has one I don't...
  2. Finding cheapest FiST Transmission fluid? XT-11-QDC

    Fiesta ST Discussions
    I am looking for the cheapest provider of XT-11-QDC (WSS-M2C200-D2) Motorcraft Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid for my 2014 ST. The cheapest I've found is $30 with free shipping off an Amazon link. When we need two quarts to do a change, $60 is a lot of money. Know of any place cheaper?