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Greetings Forum Members,

My name is Todd Schneider and I work for Vivid Racing. I have been with the company since January of 2014. I started out in customer service handling order follow ups, sending out tracking and handling all the refunds, returns and exchanges for the retail sales department. 6 months in I made the move to retail sales and it's really easy to love this job.

I took a hiatus for about 6 months to pursue another career and realized that it was far more important to love what you do more than hate what you do for a steady paycheck. I have spent a lot of time with the Focus ST community on and have enjoyed the challenges with finding wheels for that cursed 5x108 bolt pattern!

Naturally I was excited when the owners decided to sign up for the as forum sponsor and jumped at the chance to work on them. So here I am!

I think the most important things to point out about myself is that I strive for customer service, it's the primary background for my work history. Being in charge of all returns, refunds and exchanges I learned quickly that some sales people are just after the sale and once they get it, they become a ghost to their customers. I got yelled at by their customers often and vowed that I wouldn't operate that way with my sales relationships. I am always here to help, answer questions, offer advice and most importantly, learn! Any day where I don't learn something new is a wasted day.

The next important thing I would like to point out is I am here to build relationships and impress you with not only a great price, but also follow up, communication and an overall awesome buying experience. I want your repeat business. I want you to start a thread with pics of the parts you bought from me installed and bragging about me. I want you to refer your friends and other members to me. I want to earn and keep your trust and respect. In some cases I may not be the cheapest but if you give me a chance and work with the understanding that it's a lot easier for me to match or beat that lower price if you scratch my back with a referral or a thread.

Lastly, please always feel free to reach out to me by phone, email or PM for price quotes and orders. Do not place your orders online as I do not get credit for those sales. Plus I can usually work on the price or shipping to save you a little more.

I am excited to meet and get to know everyone on here and start building relationships. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask!

A few photos of our past project Focus ST

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