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What would you guys do in this situation:

Say you're going 60mph then you see a red light and you want to take a sharp right. While approaching it, you drop ~27. Then you notice the light change to green and need to take the turn and accelerate out.

Do you:
A. go from 6-5-4-3, take the turn in gear
B. stay in 6th, hit the breaks until 30, downshift to 3rd, take the turn in gear and accelerate out
C. Drive in 6th, use the brakes, disengage the clutch, shift in third, take the turn, then engage the turn and accelerate out.

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6-4-3-2 and then take the turn. I’ve found that in the fiesta st you can virtually shift from 6-4 in any circumstance that involves quickly downshifting when you’re not going faster than 100 mph. On the highway I always go from 6th to 4th to pass other cars
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