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I saw the one on display at Formula Drift yesterday and it was ALL car audio with just a Ford racing exhaust, otherwise stock. Please put whoever buit that car to shame.
knowing that the platform's out there and parts are available and seeing nothing beyond car audio really irritating.
please don't 5-lug swap it, it's a slap in the face to anyone who wants to get wheels for these cars - the PumaSpeed widebody fiesta 3dr Motegi had in their booth at Formula D Long Beach had been 5-lug swapped. ugh. thanks for advertising you don't sell wheels that actually fit our platform, Motegi. Jerks. It was like "LOOK AT ALL THESE THINGS YOU CAN'T HAVE! It's a LHD 3-Door Fiesta WITH PROJECTORS! HO HO WE 5 LUG SWAPPED IT EFF YOU FIESTA GUYS LOL"

anyways, yeah. do something significant with the car for the Ford Performance tour beyond just an exhaust, like 4-5 bolt ons would be great
and less focus on car audio
it's not 1998 anymore
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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