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When? March 15th, This coming Saturday

Meetup time is 8:15 AM. We will be leaving promptly at 8:45am so be there early if you plan to cruise up in the pack. Location for meetup is below.

AMC Hoffman Center 22
206 Swamp Fox Rd
Alexandria, VA 22314

There is a huge parking lot where we will all be meeting and cruise up to the CP-e facility as a pack. If you do not want to cruise together you may meet us up there at anytime as the event will be a majority of the day.

As a reminder for those getting dyno'ed it is $70 for 3 pulls. You will pay CP-e directly. (CASH ONLY PAYMENTS)
- Capital ST Club members have first dibs on the dyno.

Be sure to bring $5 and give it to Nick Lonigro for food/drinks as I will be ordering Pizza and drinks for all CSTC members and non CSTC members that donated for food. If you do not pay for lunch then you get no lunch haha.

8:15 - Meetup
8:45 - Leave for CP-e facility
9:30ish - Arrive at CP-e facility
10:00 - Dyno runs start and the fun begins
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