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My Review of the Cobb AccessPort V3 on a Stock Fiesta ST on the ModBargains Blog
Expert Review: Cobb AccessPort V3 for 2014 Fiesta ST (STOCK)'s Blog

Hey guys, I just got my Cobb AccessPort V3 last thursday, and after having it a week and trying it under various conditions on my stock 2014 Ford Fiesta ST, I wrote out my findings.

I compared mileage and drivability around SoCal comparing the Economy tune to Stage I 91 Octane to Stock - and included gratuitous photos of my car. Check it out on the ModBargains Blog.

I just got the shop where I work, ModBargains, to start carrying performance parts for Ford Fiesta ST - and we're local to Southern CA in La Habra. We can install any performance part and can get you nearly anything for these cars.
Fiesta ST Parts @ ModBargains (many new items being added weekly!)
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