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G'day Aussie Fiesta owners

I have recently purchased a COBB FMIC, induction kit, cat back exhaust and downpipe based on advise from the seller that they are compatible but will require tuning via something other the an Accessport.
I have already installed the FMIC and cat back exhaust and am seriously thinking about installing the induction kit pre tune as well, but currently planning to hold off installed the downpipe until I have tuning solution sorted.
My questions to you all are as follows......
Have I been given bads info regarding the COBB products capability with Australian Fiestas?
Does anyone out there has any experience with the COBB products and their compatability with say Bluefin (or any other brand) remappers?
Is there any reason why I shouldn't install the induction kit pre tune?
Any specific suggestions regarding particular remappers?
Any suggestions for Fiesta experienced tuning businesses in the Sydney are? (Pro Speed Racing has suggested Tune House)

In case it makes a difference, 2016 ST

Thanks in advance for your help from a noob modifier!
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