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So after a while I started noticing some scratches on the hood and some other parts. Maybe from tiny rocks in the highway or for whatever reason. I bought at my local advanced auto parts store a diplicolor pen for my yz oxford white paint, here are some pics

And of course clear coat

After using it I can say that it works, it will be noticeable if you look really close and know where to look. But it does a great job at hiding scratches. Its definetly worth it. You should practice painting in an piece of paper or something before using it on your car. Use as little paint as possible and give it more than one coat at let it dry before applying clear. Don't add a lot of paint be as light as possible even if it doesn't cover perfectly on the first coat. Let dry and re apply a second coat. Don't have before pics but here's the result

There's a tiny spot there, where I fixed a little scratch, camera can't really see it. For 11$ its worth it. It might not fix it perfect but it will be unnoticeable and way cheaper that having it painted at a body shop.
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