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Engine Break In Period

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Hey All, New Guy Here, So I test drove a FiST yesterday and it didn't feel quite as quick as I was hoping. I know the 0-60 is supposed to be in the high 6 sec range. But this car felt about as quick as my 1.6 liter 2013 escape that's more on the order of 9 seconds, which is quite a difference. I had a buddy go with me who has test driven the Mini Cooper S which is supposed to have almost identical 0-60 and he agreed that it didn't feel as peppy as he was would have thought almost 200 hp and 200 'torques' (as the top gear guys say it) would have felt. Do any of you have any insight into this? Have any of your engines opened up significantly after getting a some miles under the belt. I think this one had like 16 on it. We were wondering whether it was maybe an issue with that certain car. I do plan on going back to do another test drive soonish because the salesman that was with us yesterday freaked out when I took a corner with a little bit of speed. C'mon man this is a freaken ST for gods sake. How am I supposed to test out this sports car without pushing it a little. I have test driven BMW's (was invited to a release event for 6 series) and night and day difference in the demeanor of the salesman, and I was driving the ST at like 25% of what I have done with the BMW's. Clearly the salesman was not used to a person who actually wants to test the limits of car. Not going back to that ford dealership. Now I know the ST is not even in the ball park of the BMW's but we were expecting a least a little bit more of a push in the seat than we actually felt. Thoughts?
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Right, I know its the same engine as the escape tuned to produce more power with a much lighter vehicle which is why we thought it was going to feel much better. In my experience here at altitude the turbo vehicles feel much better, there is a more noticeable difference power with a naturally aspirated engine between here and sea level.
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