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Hi all

I'm having sound quality issues with my car. My old Zetec 2010 Fiesta and 2013 Focus Sport (with seemingly exactly the same sony radio and same blue speakers) and Iv been in another ST and Sport and all had very nice sounding stereos with good bass and depth. But my ST just sounds like crap, just like another Zetec I rode in. It just seems like some models got dud amps or there is some type of connection issue.
Also if I have the volume set to 8 its pretty loud but in the Fiesta Id need to have it at 14 to be the same.
Iv seen lots of other people complaining about this but I haven't found a solution yet. Id prefer not to mess with aftermarket stuff since I know the stock system should sound very good.

I have a 2014 Fiesta ST in Australia. The version with the big Sony dash and the small screen. It also has the blue speakers.
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