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Hey all!
My first post here, I have a 15 FiST. It came with the 3” MBRP Cat Back with the single muffler in the middle and its too droney for me. I love the aggression I get out of it but when I have a passenger it is too much to enjoy a conversation on the highway.
So far I have considered selling the MBRP, buying a stock exhaust and doing a muffler delete and just settling for quieter though I love the crackles this exhaust provides, doing Dynamats and undercoat to aid in sound deadening, or going to a Catless DP as I have heard more flow will allow for better sound resonation. Emissions laws are not present where I live.
Can anyone provide any experience with this? I am sure it’s common in these cars by now.

Thanks for your time!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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