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Fiesta ST wheels for the winter?

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Since we the Fiesta ST will be arriving just a few months before winter, what winter wheels/tires do you plan on running?
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Many purists will shudder to hear it, but I'll probably install all-season Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 on my car.
I don't go skidding around corners, and 95% of my driving is freeway driving, so I don't "need" the summer tires. The main feature of the ST I like is the power.
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I have had many Focus ST owners, who picked up their new cars before and during winter last year, use the stock wheels with winter tread and replaced the heavier stock units for lighter weight Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels and stock tires for 3 season use.
Ill be fitting the stock dark wheels with my Nokian Hakkapelitta R tires I had on my FRS last winter They were rated best by some and top five by most reviewers I personally loved them as they went through every thing including AutoX racing on the frozen lake. I also have had IceX-2 from Mich. and Dunlap Winter sports with good luck. The only tire I would refrain from buy is the Firestone Winter Force as its ok in the snow but HOWLS on the dry pavement at hiway speeds :)

I'm going to get some used Fiesta 16" spokes (or Focus MkII, same bolt pattern) and throw some winter tires on. Just waiting for a good deal.
Since the spare is a 185/60/15, I will be using my alloy 5 spoke from Tire Rack and Blizzak 70s off of my '11 SES that I ran last winter. Wasn't much I couldn't go through that I could clear without bottoming the car. For the money Blizzaks make sense.
Rodmoe, I saw the pic of your snows in the regional thread. Are those 16 or 15 rims, and is that the 195/45 16 size ford specs for chain use?
I got the 195/55/15 as I don't use chains I didn't think to check that out

NO need for Michigan... But need chains for Colorado ski trips......

But the smaller tires for chains mean you are lower, plowing snow with your bumper.. Yuck
NO need for Michigan... But need chains for Colorado ski trips......

But the smaller tires for chains mean you are lower, plowing snow with your bumper.. Yuck
Only 1/6" lower... so it's not too bad.
Bagged the idea of small enough for chains as in that size for 15" tirerack only had performance snows.

Got Dunlop Winter Maxx 185/55R15 on new steels from TireRack, this afternoon... also got the tpms. I think they are running out of snow tire stock, fast.

A tirerack manager came out to fawn over Fester when I drove up, full of ST envy. He knew all the features/race bits, already. He sat in it and agreed the stock seats are more than supportive enough.

I could not really detect the softness I expected, still nice and firm throwing it around on the way home. Also quieter than expected. putting winterforce snows on my golf... made that one into a roaring mush bomb.
IF my car comes in when it is still winter, I'll be going with Pirelli Winter Snowsport tires in a 195/50R16. Great all-around winter performance, good enough to be the tire-of-choice of Porsche for driving through the Alps, good enough for me.

Up in the air on winter rims. Leaning toward Sparco Terra for a bit of increased strength to battle the salt-born pothole monsters that appear here every year.
None. If it snows I'll be driving my F250 or F350. Once the stock tires wear out I may get an all season set for the stock rims and get an aftermarket set of rims with some even more aggressive set of tires for nice weather driving and occasional track use.
I just installed WS60 Blizzaks for mine. Mounted them on the stock wheels for now as the tires were only 100 bucks each. I didn't want to go to the 15s or 16s.
Good Review of winter tires :)

Just fitted 205/45R-17 Pirelli Winter Sottozero Serie II on the stock wheels. Waiting for the Team Dynamics Imola in graphite to come in so we can fit the original summer tires on those wheels.

As with any tire you buy, check the date code stamped into each tire.
The Blizzak WS60 that many suppliers are selling are old stock, maybe 2009, so already ~ 4 years old.
Many tire and car manufacturers warranty or say replace tires after 6 years, at least check for any aging or cracking on the tires.
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Snow tires? I live in a place that rarely gets ice, let alone snow, except for once every several years. All weather tires for me.

Does anyone have try winter tire in the original tire size 205/40R17?

I look for the new Winter Tire Brigestone Blizzark WS80.

But I'm not sure of the efficiency of a winter tire in low profil size.
I'm trying to decide on winter tires at the moment. I've picked up a set of used OEM ST wheels but can't decide between Blizzak WS-80 or Pirelli Sottozero for tires.

In the past I've used the Sottozeros (on Subaru STI's) but I'm wondering if anyone has tried both and can give me some feedback. 90% of my winter driving is on wet/dry roads but I drive up into the mountains for snowboarding about once a week so need snow tires.
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