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This fiesta is beginning to hurt my head after fixing my boot leak I have now discovered the air con has stopped blowing cold air

Sat in traffic pressed button ac light came on I seen revs fluctuation a little but I didn’t hear the cooling/radiator fan at all

Got home I have checked the relay seems to be working and clicking checked some fuses that shows in my manual I started the car and disconnected the temp sensor and the fan came on high speed so the fan seems to work while the fan was running high speed I tried air con again and still
No cold air replugged sensor fan shut of pressed ac again and still the radiator fan won’t engage with the ac

If the gas was low would this stop the fan running properly

The car isn’t over heating I drove 7 hours yesterday without any problems

My only other thought is the fan module but I don’t want to spend out on that if it’s something els hopefully someone has had the same problem that can help
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