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FoMoCo Europe released a video last night of the all new Fiesta ST at the Nurburgring in the capable hands of none other than Tanner Foust! I know right! I am so excited to watch this little bruiser run around the ring and live up to all of the anticipation that I have for this little guy! The Focus ST is one of those cars that doesn't seem like much, but I know for a fact that several of the tuners cannot wait to get their hands on this lightweight platform.

Now to the video! I can only assume that you watched it long before you got to reading my mindless drivel, so I will merely echo that which is in your mind already... "Wow, so... Ummm... That was... weak." The video didn't even have an exciting soundtrack. FoMoCo took all the fun out of the whole thing somehow. They didn't have a script for Tanner to read which is nice, but he is no good at ad-libbing. Tanner's in-car commentary was limited to telling the camera what corner he was in, and "Oh my God, that is pretty fun." No wonder no one watched Top Gear USA.

The in-car footage was actually less inspiring than the commentary. It showed nothing of the performance capabilities. Nothing of the time. Nothing. No wonder it has 17,119 views. Sorry FoMoCo, this video was just not enough to legitimize the car enough for the unbelievers out there. I know that this car is going to be a fun car to drive, but that didn't even make me want to buy one.

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