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Hi Everyone

I am selling the above; I shipped these lights from the UK but ended up selling the car before the lights arrived. I paid +-R6 500 for the entire kit with shipping.

I want R2 500 for the entire kit. I shipped these in because it's impossible to find these LED lights in SA for the Fiesta ST.

This kit replaces every single bulb in the vehicle (interior and exterior) with high performance LED bulbs.

1) LED sequential/static indicator unit
The unit also incorporates a built-in switch which allows you to change the indicator motion from sequential to static mode.

2) Full Performance Upgrade Kit - H1
2x LED Dipped Beam Lights
2x LED Full Beam Lights
2x LED Fog Lights
2x LED Reverse Lights
2x LED Numberplate Lights
2x LED Rear/Brake Lights
6x LED Indicator Lights
1x LED Rear Fog Light
7x LED Interior Lights
1x LED Boot Light
2x 75mm Rubber Headlight Caps

3) Interior LED Lights (Red)
4x Interior 1x Glove Box
2x Footwell

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Also wish I saw this before, as I already upgraded all my lights to LED, only thing left is the indicates to sequential. Let me know if I can just buy those from you
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