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This is the CALCULATED G-forces that the car is producing during the shifts, this is for the 2014 Ford Fiesta ST. I posted this for anyone who is interested in this kind of information. Unfortunately, this is based on limited information. If someone could give me the exact info for the HP and TQ at the RPM's specified (2000 to redline in increments of 500 RPM) I could make this graph more accurate. I used estimated values by looking at various dyno charts and getting a close number.

As it stands now, 6000 RPM is where all shifts should occur for maximum torque, since I used that as the redline for this info. With more info, that might change to earlier or later in the RPM for each gear. Depending on your rim and tire size, and the mass of your car if you did any mods, will change this information. As its stands right now, I used a baseline if 2700lbs for the curb weight (Source: Car and Driver) and the Stock Tire and Rim size, 205/40/17.

If you would like the Source file, I can post it so you can modify it to your own needs.


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