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Get the Ford X-Plan Pricing on the Fiesta ST as a Ford Shareholder

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Here's a good tip on how to get the X-Plan pricing without being an employee.

I just wanted to let everyone know that getting x plan pricing as a Ford shareholder is completely doable and pretty straightforward. There are, however, two caveats: you need to own at least 100 shares (~$1050) and you need have been in possession of those 100 shares for at least six months.

If you meet those two criteria, the process for getting your PIN is as follows:

1. Fill out the Ford Friends and Neighbors Pricing Application
2. Pull together some way of showing 6 months of ownership of 100 shares of Ford stock (account statements, current balance)
3. Fax (via fax or an email-to-fax website) the application and proof of ownership to Ford Shareholder Relations
4. Receive PIN via email.

I did the above and emailed/faxed my documents to Ford on Sunday night and had an email with my PIN by Monday afternoon.
source: - Getting X Plan Pricing as a Shareholder
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Also if you can't wait the 6 mo's to get a FiST (though I have been waiting since 3/1/2013) try the Mustang Club of America for Xplan pricing and benefits Wont be much savings on the FiST yet but it saves time and added dealer fees.

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Here's a good tip on how to get the X-Plan pricing without being an employee.

source: - Getting X Plan Pricing as a Shareholder
Wow this is really neat. I had no idea you could get it as a shareholder. I'm going to buy some shares right now just in anticipation.... sucks its a 6 month wait but that makes perfect sense.
Also, if you work for one, many large companies have discount arrangements with the car companies. I know employees of UTC can get X-plan pricing.
Does anybody know what X Plan pricing will be? Seems X Plan pricing is temporarily unavailable from the ford partner site. Thanks, BC
FiST optioned with painted wheels and recaros:

MSRP 24565 (w/ destination)
Invoice 23911 (w/ desination)

Xplan 24090

Also the recaros and wheels are discounted so if you take a no option car it will be less off cuz I think its like 200 off recaros and 50 off the wheels but that's just a guess as I can lay my handle on the pic I saw of A,X,Z, plan pricing.

Employees of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, as well as their Authorized Dealers are also eligible.
A number of larger companies I've worked with offer X Plan pricing (or the other brand options if you want a lesser car:p) to their employees through some kind of employee deals site or something. Check with your HR rep to see if it is available to you if you don't want to do the shareholder thing. Thankfully my dad retired from Ford so I get Z plan (same as A plan but for retirees). He's offered to give some friends an X Plan, but I ended up getting them a better deal through my dealer without it.
I ended up using Costco to get an online quote. Then used that to negotiate at my nearest dealer. Ended up getting ''invoice"
I went through COSTCO too. Got the base model for less than $20K.
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