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Getting rid of my stock tires less than 200mi

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No longer selling atm...

Im gonna buy all season tires since I dont have storage space to have dedicated summer and winters so im selling the potenzas that came with my ST which has less than 200miles...All im asking for is for someone to pay for the mounting and balance of new tires on stock wheels. If you own a shop than can doit ill trade you my tires for labor. Im in the NYC area if anyone is interested.
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I'll take em man, what were ya thinking its going to be pricewise? I'm in upstate NY so fairly close.
Prices vary depending on the shop and if they use road force or not but from the installers recommended by tire rack they start at $15 to $25 per wheel. Lmk when for sure when we can meet so I can order the tires today or tomorrow.

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Do you have the tires off already?
Damn....after driving around all day on these tires...i dont think i wanna get rid of then now lol...these tires are pretty awesome. Ill keep you posted if I decide to get rid of them.

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Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3's are pretty amazing from what I have heard. They are OK in the winter but perform just as good as some other companies actual performance summer tires. It would be smart if you got A/S tires if you do not plan to run two sets of tires. You would be surprised how bad summer tires perform under 40 degrees.
Two sets of tires and wheels is my recommendation.

You'll never get an all season set of tires to perform as well as an extreme summer tire and then you won't get to enjoy the way these cars were designed to be driven.
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