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Im putting together a Group buy for the Triple R Composites front splitter for the Fiesta ST.

I've wanted one of these lips since i got my FiST but the shipping costs are crazy from most sites.

See them here:

I have spoken to the guys at Triple R and they have quoted me the following prices:

Carbon Fibre in gloss or matt finish: 325 pounds ($615)

Standard GRP (fibre glass?) one is 82.50 pounds ($156.29)

Normal shipping is $140, which is still way way cheaper than i have been quoted from places like FSWERKS but if we order 5 they will ship all of them to the one address for $250 ... so $50 each.

If your interested please PM me and il put you on the list, soon as we have 5 i will place the order. (payment up front)

I live in Sydney so that's where they will be shipped too, but even for people in other states who are interested im sure AusTPost wouldn't be too costly to redistribute.

If we get more than 5 interested il go back to them for a bigger discount on the purchase price.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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