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What's up guys! My name's Alan, I'm a senior in Mechanical Engineering at USF in Tampa and I'm hoping to be a future FiST owner within the year.

I currently own a 2007 Honda S2000 and am in need of a fun daily driver. While I love my S to death, it's not the most practical car. It's loud, cramped, the leather Recaros are target for theft, I get no cupholders and I don't even have enough room in my trunk to fit a new laundry basket as my current one is broken. It's a purpose track car and that's 'bout it.

As soon as I heard about the FiST, I did some research and am pretty set on getting one. I'm no stranger to hot hatches as I've owned a 2010 Speed3 as well. What makes the FiST so appealing its driving dynamics. I'm a huge autocrosser, so handling is a must for me, and it seems the FiST is one of the best handling FWD cars available today in the U.S.. Its eagerness to get tossed into a corner and rip out of it is what sold me. It just looks so much fun to drive.....and has cupholders!

My vehicle history is:
1992 Volvo 960
2005 Honda S2000
2003 Honda S2000
2000 Civic
2006 Honda S2000
2009 Civic Si
2010 Mazdaspeed3
Current - 2007 Honda S2000 (I may or may not like these cars)
Future - 2015 FiST

Thank you all for reading rather lengthy intro post. I hope to be a part of this community and own one of these awesome pocket rockets soon!
P.S., if anybody lives in the Tampa area and wants to give me a test drive, I'll be more than happy to return the favor :p

Here's a pic of the current ride
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welcome to the boards fellow s2k enthusiast!
oh good ol s2k
i wrote off my 04 ap2 last year and that send me on the journey of getting a FiST earlier this year
one s2k driver to another, you will not be disappointed. its an absolutely fantastic daily driver
but looks like we'll have the same two cars, something about owning a s2k, i need one back in my life
win win with FiST as DD and S2k as summer ride

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Awesome, it's good to get some insight from fellow S2ker's. There is something quite unique about owning a s2k, that's the same feeling that drew me to the FiST. I rarely ever see them. To be honest, I've seen one on the streets since they came out and I almost rear ended the car in front of me because I kept staring at it, lol.

My other big concern is reliability. We both know the S2k is a beast when it comes to reliability and I'm hoping the FiST can provide me with the same experience.
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