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Hi everyone!
I drive a 2017 black Fiesta ST with a dizzy stage 1 93 tune. I've owned my FiST since August of 2020 and I've put 60k on it since then. In my opinion, the fiesta ST is a perfect blend of a practical daily driver that's also extremely fun to drive and can be easily modded to make a decent amount of power. Will it ever be the fastest car on the track or dragstrip? No, but it's definitely one of the most fun cars to drive. I hope to keep my fiesta as long as it will run. I'm building mine into a quasi rally build; adf custom skid plate, rally armor mud flaps, and 15in steelies with snow tires.
I've been a member of the for a while and found it to be extremely helpful, so I figured I should join this one as well. Anyone else a member of both?
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