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Just got a 16 Fiat from florida as my daily. Car runs good and have some modifications. Has about 85k miles.

It does have two issues
1. U10007 that’s the negative battery cable
2. P1450 turns out to be a purge valve in the engine bay

Now I haven’t fix them yet however car runs fine(waiting on parts) the only mystery I cannot figure out feels like a setting in the cobb tune that came with the car.
I can go past 5000 RPM partial throttle

But every time I floor it doesn’t matter which map it always acts like I’m hitting a rev limiter at 5000, is it a limp mode associated with the CEL? I’ve tried COBB stage 1 and 2, it was on stage 3 when I received the car.

It’s all the same if I got WOT it acts like the rev limit is at 5000.

Anyone has any idea about this?
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