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Looking for EVAP Canister Skidplate Guinea Pig near Colorado

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I’m mostly active on but I thought I’d branch out and post this here too.

I’ve been talking by email with ADF Customs in Brighton,CO about maybe making an EVAP Canister Skidplate like the an old one that used to be available at one point. Problem is that I am 1300 miles away in California and the hang up is that they would need a car in their shop to take measurements off and do the design, so I’m looking for a volunteer to drop by their shop.

If this is something that you might be down for, let me know here, or contact me on at the post linked below and I’ll put you in contact with ADF. There would be no obligation to buy an EVAP Skidplate if it gets made, but I imagine you certainly could if you wanted to.

If you’re not interested but know someone who might be, point them here or to the post on the other forum.

I am not affiliated ADF at all, am not trying to advertise or sell anything, and this is not a group buy or anything like that. I’m just looking for someone that can help get this EVAP Skidplate made, and if we’re lucky they might make it into a product other can buy instead of just making a one-off for me.

Thanks for your time!

Link my post on

ADF Customs currently makes a front skidplate for the Fiesta (as well as the Focus ST/RS) here.

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Check etsy they have evap skid plates cheap
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