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Will this Mazda 2 B-Spec rear sway bar fit our cars?
looks like it could - this may be a much better way to go rather than the other after market bars.

B-Spec Mazda 2 Rear Sway Bar
The rear beam is 70% stiffer than stock, which is why there isn't a rear sway bar. People who have tried it says it messes up the balance of the car, and stock it's pretty dialed in, even with stock or with aftermarket springs/shocks. If you add this to the rear, you would have to do some work to the front to get the balance back in check. But people said the mazda 2 bar does fit the stock fiesta, so it may fit the ST.

Here's a thread that discusses it
Larger rear sway bar? | The Fiesta ST Network Forum
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