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More mountune goodies for the Fiesta!

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If you're driving around in a non ST Ford Fiesta and would like to have some options to upgrade your beast, here are a couple of options offered by mountune at RallySport Direct!

Here we have the mountune short throw shifter assembly for the 5 speed manual transmission 2011-2014 Ford Fiesta (non ST)

(for more information on any of the products below, click the respective image)

We also offer a quick shift reduction plate for the 2011-2014 5mt non ST Fiesta as well! These are great to grab those gears a bit faster and keep in that power range of the little Fiesta!

We have many more products that are being released for the Fiesta ST, keep an eye on our subsection on this forum as we will be announcing them as they become available!​
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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