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Today we installed the mountune high flow induction hose on our FiST! Along with looking much better than the factory piece, it clearly flows much better due to the shape and size of the hose.

This is a very easy installation, it took about 20 minutes from start to finish, including taking the pictures and documenting the installation.

Here's what mountune has to say about the piece:

The mountune High Flow Induction hose for the Fiesta ST was engineered to increase air flow to the turbocharger and replaces the restrictive factory hose between the air box and the turbocharger inlet pipe. Produced exclusively by SamcoSport, the mountune High Flow Induction Hose features stainless steel wire reinforced sections to prevent deformation under engine load. Back to back comparisons with the OE hose on mountune's in house flow bench revealed an impressive improvement in air flow of over 35%.

Here is a brief description:


For more information about this product, check it out here: mountune High Flow Induction Hose Ford Fiesta ST 2014 2364-IH-BLK at

Let's get to the install! Once we got our tools gathered up, we wanted to take a look at the piece we are installing. It's a black silicone hose, with yellow inner portion. It is very smooth inside compared to the factory unit.

We'll want to pull the engine cover off to make it a bit easier to get to the hose clamps and barb fitting that lays under it.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can see the clamps and the barb that need to be removed. Here are the ones by the air box

Here's a picture of the one by the firewall.. All of these are easy to get to.

Next we pulled the barb off the side of the hose, it just took a flat tip screwdriver to pry the clip up and pull it right off.

Next we moved on to the clamps holding the hose in place. We used a 7 mm socket on a nut driver, you can use a flat tip, or a 7 mm on a ratchet, or whatever you prefer.

Now loosen the one up by the firewall

Now we can take the stock hose off the car.

You'll have to maneuver it around the brake booster vacuum line, but it will come right out.

Here is a photo of both of the hoses side by side, you can clearly see how much more smooth the inside of the mountune piece is.

We needed to swap the hose clamps off the stock hose onto the mountune piece as it doesn't come with clamps. They are placed on the factory hose with a groove that holds them in place, simply rotate the clamp till it can pull off, and swap them over.

Now we can place the mountune hose in it's new home. we put the top part of the hose on first, just slide it over the factory induction piece by the firewall

Now the lower portion can be slid on the air box

Slide the clip onto the barb making sure that it clips in place properly.

That's it! now we can put the engine cover back on and call it good.

It looks right at home in there. We are going to get some after dyno runs done as soon as we get the Accessport installed. Which should be in the very near future!

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps you out when you install your mountune induction hose!


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Looks nice and Clean Thanks


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This looks super close to stock. Great for anyone in CA

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